Pramiracetam – 10g


Pramiracetam – 10g

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Pramiracetam increase blood flow to the brain. This is a benefit that increase mental energy. In terms of cognitive enhancements, the following benefits have been reported:

  • Improves users memory. Memory capacity is increased due to new synapses being created between neurons. Users also report faster recall.
  • Allows for a higher learning capacity. Helps neurons to form new connections, allowing users to learn and form memories more effectively. Improvements are also reported regarding problem solving skills and information processing.
  • Increases mental energy and one’s attention span. This allows users to be more productive on various tasks at work or at school. Pramiracetam allows for better brain metabolism, supplying neurons with glucose. This not only creates brain energy, but increases levels of concentration. Users also report a higher attention span.
  • Used as a treatment option for many degenerative cognitive diseases. Some of these illnesses include; dementia, ADHD, and Alzheimer’s. With ADHD patients, it renewed levels of attention and focus.
  • This is a non-toxic substance, so it is safe to use on an ongoing basis. Some nootropics can not be used as often, so this is an ideal choice for anyone who is in a competitive field. Pramiracetam has also been known to increase motivation, making users more productive.

Pramiracetam works well with high levels of choline, as it has a high-affinity choline uptake. Choline is critical in order to synthesize acetylcholine. This is why many users take Pramiracetam together with choline supplements. Alpha GPC is a great choice for this stack.It is also imperative that you stay hydrated while using Pramiracetam because the brain’s metabolism begins to speed up. If not enough water is consumed, headaches or a lack of energy may be experienced.

Pramiracetam is fat-soluble, meaning it needs to be taken with food or on a full stomach. More specifically, they need to be taken with fatty acids. Fish oil is a good option, or even mixing the powder into milk. If you try to mix Pramiracetam with water, it will simply clump up.

The effects of Pramiracetam are felt for long periods, as the half-life is around 5-6.5 hours. By taking a dose every 6 hours, you will ensure that the benefits will be experienced throughout the day.

Pramiracetam recommended dose 500mg

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